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Inspiration. Exchange. Community.

New concepts for a livable City of the Future only come about through collaboration.

The Munich Urban Colab offers a unique space for inspiration, exchange and collaboration along with access to an innovative community.

The Munich Urban Colab community

For the very first time, start-ups, established companies, voices from science, talent, venture capitalists and the city administration are working hand in hand under one roof at the Munich Urban Colab. This is bringing about new and truly surprising opportunities for networking and collaboration.

UnternehmerTUM – number 1 in Europe

UnternehmerTUM is Europe’s largest start-up center and has a direct connection with Munich’s Technical University (TUM). Every year, more than 50 high-growth technology start-ups are incubated here while some 100 established companies collaborate with UnternehmerTUM – including 15 DAX-listed corporations. A dedicated venture capital fund provides capital for young technology companies. The network includes more than 30,000 alumni.

The City of Munich

The City of Munich is represented in Colab by the Department of Labor and Economic Development, the IT Department and its subsidiaries MVG and SWM, among others. In various smart city initiatives, they thus open up rapid exchange with municipal decision-makers for the players in the Colab. This approach is unique to date. As home to eight DAX-listed companies, over 4,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and 15 universities, Munich is one of the strongest growth regions in Europe.

Start-ups with exciting ideas, forward-looking companies, scientific institutions, foundations, artists as well as other creative and visionary minds – the Munich Urban Colab provides them all with the perfect place to develop innovative and sustainable concepts for the City of the Future.

Be part of it! As a:

- future-oriented company with innovative power
- start-up with exciting ideas
- visionary, tech-savvy mind with an appetite for challenges
- out-of-the-box thinker looking for like-minded people
- scientific institution doing groundbreaking research
- architect or urban planning employee
- creative mind or artist

UnternehmerTUM’s on-site offers

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Initiatives for sustainable urban development

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