Virtual Reality at your fingertips: "Virtual Reality Skills Lab for the Nursing Sector"

Virtual Reality Skills Lab Plege Boris Dahm

On October 29th, the Munich-based start-up StellDirVor and the Munich City Lab of the City of Munich presented innovative virtual reality (VR) specifically for qualification in the nursing sector at the Munich Urban Colab.

Interested parties were able to put on the VR headset themselves at the live event in the Munich City Lab and play through a wide variety of use cases from the field of nursing - in an authentic hospital atmosphere. For example, scenarios with various pain patients who had to be questioned and diagnosed, whereby a wide variety of instruments such as corona testing, fever measurement, ventilation and even resuscitation could be used. Special attention was also paid to the "VR blood glucose measurement", an immersive learning application developed by StellDirVor in cooperation with the Department of Labor and Economy and Münchenstift.

Founded in 2020, the start-up StellDirVor is revolutionizing education and training in nursing with virtual and augmented reality. Here, there is not only a shortage of skilled workers, but also a strong need to catch up in digital qualification. StellDirVor offers interactive, immersive learning and training applications that are not only resource-efficient, as they are independent of time and place, but also particularly effective and sustainable. The offering is relevant across the entire healthcare sector - whether nursing homes, hospitals, medical technology companies or educational institutions. StellDirVor works here both in an advisory capacity and operationally with topic-specific workshops and lectures.

The Department of Labor and Economic Affairs of the City of Munich and the start-up StellDirVor have jointly launched the "Virtual Reality Skills Lab Nursing" to close a gap in the digital qualification and training of nursing staff.